One month exactly until Christmas. One week exactly until my last lesson for the year. And five days exactly until THE BIG NIGHT!

Could things get any more exciting?!

Probably, but I won’t go there right now! We had enough excitement this afternoon, with all the students buzzing in the hall as we went through the penultimate rehearsal before THE BIG NIGHT! Okay, no more caps. Promise.

This was a good opportunity for the students from both the Senior and Junior classes to practise being an audience and to observe what their friends had been working on for the past semester. I think that being an audience is something many of us take for granted, until we’re put to the test. Then, we often don’t ‘perform’ as well as we’d like to.

I’m sure we can all think of a concert, film, performance, dinner or some other occasion where we struggled to stay awake, or stay interested, struggled to swallow a yawn or stifle a cough. Whether you’re royalist or republican, we must all salute the Queen of England (okay, and the Queen of Australia) for the way she has managed to do this for almost her entire life – and in public. In front of important people, even celebrities!

So, don’t be too hard on those wriggling children behind you next time you’re in the cinema. And please have some extra compassion if they’re special needs kids. Listening, and only listening, can be challenging.

The Juniors had Mr Enthusiastic back today, and their singing was all the better for it. I hope the boredom that’s starting to show on the faces of some (as they are no doubt thinking: ‘Not this again’) will be swept away in the excitement of performing on … the… night. (See, I was very restrained then. Not even an exclamation mark. ! )

The Seniors were an appreciative audience to the Juniors, and it was good for my singers to have someone other than an empty hall to sing to.

There are still lingering issues over minor things like singing together, getting all the words out, looking up and following directions. But I guess there’s always something to go over. While it’s really important to be accepting of a point you have reached, it’s good to strive for more. It’s about seeking balance.

I think we’ll manage to muddle through the Explorers play and the song. Burke was back today – hooray! – as was one of my missing Recruits. But Flinders was absent this time. Hopefully not in Mauritius. (Look it up – he had an extended stay there as a guest of the French.)

Costumed and bewigged, the Seniors strutted their stuff to an reciprocally appreciative audience. Again, with another few lessons we could do wonders. However, I need to stop and take stock. You know what – I reckon they have done wonders already.

We’re all excitedly awaiting Monday morning’s dress rehearsal where the students get to practise with mikes – just like “proper” actors. And then, you know what happens next … 🙂

Now I’m starting to turn my mind to next year’s play. I have already had a request from one student to reprise the characters from my “Spy Surprise” play of last year. Something to sleep on.