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The end of Year 12 approaches

The other day I dropped my oldest boy back to school after a spare period. Or rather, he dropped himself off. We used the brief opportunity for him to practise his driving a little more. He’s growing up. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was walking behind him as...

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Picture perfect patience

All I wanted was a passport-sized photo for my daughter. The sort that you need on a travel concession card, that you can get in under two minutes at a photo booth. Simple…in theory. A photo booth photo would have been fine for my boys, but not my daughter. This...

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What do ancient Romans, a princess, a criminal mastermind, aliens and a mother with two daughters have in common? It’s a tricky one. I was working hard to find a connection myself for a while. Sit on it for a minute – the big reveal is below!   Helping to build...

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