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Scaffolding for independent learning

Scaffolding supports things, including you and me We’ve all walked past scaffolding. Those skeletons of poles and platforms positioned around buildings to support their construction (and protect us), then gradually removed as they’re no longer needed. When you go...

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The jigsaw puzzle and what I’ve learnt

Jigsaws have enjoyed a resurgence, thanks to #stayhome. Apparently even Hugh Jackman is a fan, so we’re in good company! I’ve always enjoyed jigsaws. In the mid 1980s, when I was 17, a car accident saw me in hospital for two weeks. There was no such thing as a...

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Autism, ID and coping with Covid19

So, like everywhere else, everyone’s at home. I’m in the lucky camp. Things haven’t changed too much for me, in one way. Although my tech skills are improving dramatically as I work out how to deliver music and drama classes remotely to my special needs primary...

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