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Menage(rie) a trois

The case for a cat My youngest has been at me for a year to get a cat. That’s a year for him to build up a rock-solid case with someone who’s dead set against cats for pets. I don’t hate cats. But since here in Australia up to 23 million feral cats...

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Checking up on checking in at bedtime

Recently, I began a new bedtime routine to help my youngest settle better at night. I’m happy to report that the check-in process seems to be mostly working. And thank you to those who suggested products that might help with that process. I’m investigating! Along the...

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Screw your courage to the sticking place

My oldest son made a courageous decision, a few weeks ago, to return to schooling. He was courageous, because he really didn’t want to do it. He came to this decision reluctantly, begrudgingly…and two weeks into the beginning of term. He was courageous, because he was...

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Beans à la Wombat for fussy eaters

Are your children fussy eaters? Yes! Are your efforts to disguise vegetables in mashed potato and fritters failing? Yes! Are doormats the only fibre they regularly touch? Yes! The list could go on. I’m sure you have your own. You’re probably all thinking, “Been there,...

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