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It takes a village

Maintaining healthy eating when you have special needs and are going out We’re into week 6 of my daughter’s changed diet. That’s 6 weeks of slightly altered eating patterns and food offerings. I’d like to say 6 weeks without fast food but of course, maintaining...

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Arresting my daughter’s negative weight spiral

Over six years, since my daughter developed Addison’s as a barely-minted teenager, I’ve watched with increasing concern as she’s steadily grown outwards, not upwards, as the daily steroid medication she needs to manage her endocrine condition takes (side) effect....

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Our humble recorder gets kids achieving

Every instrument, including the wildly underappreciated recorder, has its own charms. When it comes to instrument playing in the younger years – especially in a specialist/special needs setting, where I teach – the recorder is a prime example of how...

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All the self-care in the world

Scrrrrrrrrrtch… The unmistakeable sound of metal scraping on metal. Horrified, I quickly readjusted my position and finished parking, hoping that I wasn’t too late, that the sound was something else. A quick inspection. The white dust on the back panel of our family...

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