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All the self-care in the world

Scrrrrrrrrrtch… The unmistakeable sound of metal scraping on metal. Horrified, I quickly readjusted my position and finished parking, hoping that I wasn’t too late, that the sound was something else. A quick inspection. The white dust on the back panel of our family...

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Dear Village Roadshow Theme Parks

Dear Village Roadshow Theme Parks, I’m guessing from the week my family just spent visiting your Gold Coast Theme Parks that you don’t see a lot of special needs (“SN”) families like us. Your limited special needs services, autism insensitivity, contradictory...

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Therapets – a CATalogue of happy surprises

The therapet difference “Well, he’s a different child! The contrast between last term and this term is incredible.” Having looked in horror at some of my youngest’s recent school work, I’d felt it was time for a quick catch-up to see how he was tracking more broadly....

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After the ball is over

After the ball is over After the ball is over After the break of dawn After the dancer’s leaving After the stars are gone Many a heart is aching If you could read them all… Since my daughter had her Presentation Ball, two years have already flown past....

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