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The end, the beginning and more of the same

Here we are at the end, the beginning, and more of the same. It’s the end of Term 4, the beginning of high school, and possibly six more years steering our youngest away from the vortex of negativity. From the first day, the final 2018 school term has been a tough gig...

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It takes a village

Maintaining healthy eating when you have special needs and are going out We’re into week 6 of my daughter’s changed diet. That’s 6 weeks of slightly altered eating patterns and food offerings. I’d like to say 6 weeks without fast food but of course, maintaining...

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Arresting my daughter’s negative weight spiral

Over six years, since my daughter developed Addison’s as a barely-minted teenager, I’ve watched with increasing concern as she’s steadily grown outwards, not upwards, as the daily steroid medication she needs to manage her endocrine condition takes (side) effect....

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Our humble recorder gets kids achieving

Every instrument, including the wildly underappreciated recorder, has its own charms. When it comes to instrument playing in the younger years – especially in a specialist/special needs setting, where I teach – the recorder is a prime example of how...

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