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The dis in disability

“Different, not less.” “Don’t dis my ability.” Much as I agree with their sentiments, sometimes I find memes irritating. Including ones like these. In trying to support difference and diversity, and promote an inclusive society, I feel that such memes can...

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The good, the bad and the downright difficult

Life is full of highs that raise you in joyful exultation and lows that oppress you like a dark winter’s morning. And then, then there are the days when everything comes crashing down around your ears in the space of a few, brief words: “I have some bad news…” That...

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It’s never too late to keep trying

Ok, I admit it. In the very early days of having kids, I sometimes fantasised about raising my own little von Trapp family of musicians. I grew up in a musical family myself. My siblings and I all played instruments, my sister and I sang, and my parents were musical....

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Creating your village

Hi. I was wondering if I could ask you a question. Well, actually, I’d like to ask you a really big favour, and I hope I find the right words… So began my bumbling enquiry to a local café owner about some regular work experience for my daughter – a lumpy melange of...

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