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Sword at the ready

Sword at the ready My youngest sleeps with his sword. Not all the time. Just sometimes. After all, nighttime is when everything is quiet, but our minds can be alarmingly active. Especially when you have ASD and the day just spools through your head, on a rewind-replay...

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Timing and near misses

When disaster strikes, we don’t just hear about the tragedy. We also hear survival stories, and and learn of the near misses. The people who would have been on the train, but were delayed. Those who decided at the last minute to take the next flight. Or to wait a bit...

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It’s all about timing

  What’s the difference between a good joke and a bad joke timing. Wait… give it a few seconds… Got it? Timing is important. It’s the difference between conception and mis(sed) conception, between sausages sizzled and sausages frizzled, between stepping onto the...

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Joyous little boogie to a different drumbeat

When the going gets tough, who wouldn’t like to get going… in the other direction? Only that’s rarely an option. So, you just keep battling on, one small step after another. I’m in one of those tough times right now, because two of my kids are doing it...

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